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What is an Alternative Appraisal?

Traditionally, when an appraiser evaluates a home, they conduct an on-site property inspection to determine its value. With Alternative Appraisals, a licensed/certified appraiser utilizes new technology and data innovation to determine the value of a property without having to physically inspect it. However, that does not mean that a thorough inspection never occurs –observations of the exterior of the home and in some cases, the interior of the home, are conducted by a third-party vendor (typically a real estate agent, property inspector or even another real estate appraiser). There are many different types of alternative appraisals available at Metro-West that will suit your needs, including:

  • Hybrid Appraisals
  • Desktop Appraisals
  • BPOs

Why Alternative Appraisals?

Alternative valuation services have been introduced into the marketplace over the last few years as means to provide clients with new and more effective ways to provide accurate, timely, and cost-effective appraisal services. Efforts to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and incorporate more technology and data innovation in the valuation processes have prompted AMCs and lenders alike to consider eschewing traditional reports, such as 1004 and 2005s, in favor of hybrid appraisals and BPOs.

Alternative Appraisals allow appraisers to focus on higher level work, since a third party is responsible for actually completing the inspections. By having the appraiser remain at their desk, they can complete more appraisals in a less costly, more time effective manner.

Getting Started with your Alternative Appraisal:

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