Our fully compliant Regulatory Reviews program was developed by Greg Stephens, Chief Appraiser and SVP of Compliance, Metro-West Appraisal, and meets the requirements outlined in the Texas Administrative Code.

Our staff appraisers are located in various markets in Texas with access to the local MLS data services and national cost data to complete compliant reviews for AMC panel appraiser audits. Additionally, Metro-West staff appraisers provide compliant QC review services designed to fulfill most AMCs’ quality assurance program needs.

Our Regulatory Reviews program incorporates our staff appraisers’ local market expertise with technology to validate the significant characteristics of the subject and comparable sales used in an appraisal, verifying the accuracy of the appraisal as well as identifying potential fraud.

This efficient process is overseen directly by our in-house specialists, enabling us to provide cost-effective solutions in a timely manner.

For more information about our Regulatory Reviews, contact us at (888) 676-9237 or send an inquiry to info@metrowestappr.com.